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Inspections: when a drone just won't do

Sometimes it feels like technology is racing out of control. It won't be long before the entire work force is replaced with drones and intelligent machines, but fortunately those days aren't quite upon us yet. Whilst drones in their current form are incredibly useful for gaining a general impression as to the condition of a building, ultimately they lack the hands on element which really allows us to get to grips with the extent of architectural problems. Even when physically inspecting a building ourselves, we often find flaws which would have been easy to miss had we not been right there in front of them. The effects of rust or freeze-thaw can be subtle on the surface, but with a gentle, hands on approach, even these subsurface issues can be noted.

Often louvres have iron tie rods bedded beneath them. It would be hard to inspect the condition of such architectural elements without being right there in front of them.

At Highlife we can provide a range of inspection services, from quick inspections of specific issues to comprehensive inspections of a full buildings condition. All inspections are carried out in a non-destructive manner, although if we do find a potentially dangerous element, such as a loose stone or failing crocket, we will endeavour to remove the hazard whilst we are there - having confirmed that course of action with the client and architect, or course.

We take care to photograph every flaw, with comprehensive annotation, and can compile these photos into a detailed report with suggested action if required. Having provided you with the tools to see every flaw yourself, we will then gladly work with you to correct any further issues, or go back for more detail if that is required.

At Highlife it's all about going the extra mile, and when it comes to inspections on historic buildings, a rope access inspection is impossible to beat. If you come to us, you can be sure that we've found every flaw, allowing you to give your building the care it deserves.

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