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Emergency repairs! How long can you wait to get a fix?

Storms can cause all sorts of trouble on any building, but older buildings are especially vulnerable, and particularly buildings such as churches with tall towers and steeples, exposed as they are to the elements. Slipped slates or flashing, broken gutters or downpipes, and damaged lightning conductors are all commonplace. After particularly severe storms we've seen limbs broken off trees, having caused major damage to roofs and masonry, and the effects of freeze thaw cycles in the winter will find any flaws in pointing and stone work, making them much worse by widening cracks and pushing masonry apart. This can lead to unstable pinnacles or balustrades, requiring emergency pointing works, or temporary stabilisation whilst further works are approved.

Assessing the damage - storm damaged lead flashing

What to do about these problems? Planned preventative maintenance can be budgeted for, but storm damage happens without warning, often leaving major leaks, or in particularly unfortunate circumstances hazards to human life. Of course, most buildings will be insured, but big claims push up the premiums, so a cost effective solution is still required.

Rope access emergency repairs are ideal in these situations. Instead of setting up an expensive and cumbersome scaffolding just to reach a simple repair, we can be on ropes and fixing any problem within hours of receiving an emergency phone call. Based in the heart of North Wales we have quick access to the A55, and can send operatives out immediately if the circumstances require it. Whether that means emergency pointing, emergency flashing repairs, tree limb removal, or emergency roofing repairs, we'll be happy to help.

A recent example would be St Paul's in Colwyn Bay. We received a phone call saying a large section of lead flashing had been blown off by the terrible wind which plagued the first months of 2020. It was hanging dangerously over the footpath, and could easily have detached itself and seriously injured someone.

We got there as soon as possible, and after cordoning off the area quickly set up and removed the hazard. A few hours of work later and there was a lovely new section of flashing in place, well fixed where the old piece had been reliant on some tired old pointing. Like most rope access jobs, the whole process was quick and efficient, with no messing around and great results. A simple solution to a simple problem!

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May 28, 2022

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Jun 07, 2021

Storms and unforeseen natural calamities can affect at any time without any warning and so this post made me realize how important it is to be prepared well in advance before such calamities occur. The emergency rope repairs may also come up and Industrial rope access Sydney services can definitely help with these emergencies. I will make sure everything is done in a proper way. Thanks for this post. It is very helpful.

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