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Industrial Access

In a fast growing industry finding people who can work safely whilst still delivering quality workmanship is crucial. At Highlife our hand picked team of operators have shown integrity and reliability in all of their work. Whether it be inspecting, installing, restoring or repairing we offer a bespoke service for any job. We can fulfill a diverse range of briefs in all areas of the construction industry. Examples of the work we undertake are inspection, steel work, cladding, netting, concrete repair, lifting/hauling operations, mastic, pointing, netting etc. 


Camera Safety Rigging

Don't let hard to access places stand in the way of getting the ultimate shot. Getting unique perspectives in filming projects sets apart the creatives from those that gather the routine shots. Highlife can offer a variety of safety solutions for film companies operating in Urban, industrial, rural or mountainous environment. As well as this we also offer the services of a camera operator for the most extreme locations. Just get in touch to find out how we can help realise your creative goals.  

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Bird Exclusion

Birds can be a nuisance on all structures, from bridges to flats, and small private homes. With experience on a range of structures, we can find low impact netting and deterent solutions to keep pests away from hard to reach places.


Lighting Installation

Lighting installations can be a great way to show off architecture, or light up banners and other notices. Working closely with professional lighting engineers, we can install lighting solutions to overcome any need, whether that be a brand new lighting installation, or adapting/maintaining an existing system.

Lighting installation

Banner Installation

Many buildings utilize their wall space to hang banners and notices. Often these can be in hard to reach places, making them ideal tasks for rope access. If you are considering banner installation, please get in touch for a quote.


Bespoke Rigging

It would be a struggle to list all the applications that roped access can be used for. If you've got an interesting task and you think Rope access may be the answer, then send us an email, and we may well be able to help or at least point you in the right direction. With rigging experience across the company which is as diverse as the trade we can help get you anywhere. Expertise include, Rural, Urban, Industrial, Heritage and Mountainous.

Pictures of industrial rope access equip